December 28, 2012 South Carolina Court of Appeals published opinions

Johnson v Robert E. Lee Academy, Inc.

Johnson as arrested for misappropriating funds. She sued the accounting firm that looked into her handling of Academy funds. The trial court granted summary judgment to the firm on the grounds that the firm owed Johnson no duty. The panel affirmed. It held that the accounting firm was assisting the police when they reviewed Johnson’s handling of funds. Therefore, it was not undertaking a voluntary duty to Johnson. Nor would extending liability in these circumstances be good public policy as it would deter others form assisting authorities.

Gaffney v Gaffney 

Wife sought to continue alimony payments under the divorce decree. Husband resisted arguing the plain language of the decree eliminated alimony when he paid off a loan identified in the decree. The trial court found the decree ambiguous and continued alimony. The panel reversed holding the decree unambiguously ended alimony when the loan was paid off.

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