Cooper River Bridge Run & Closings Downtown on April 5th – 6th

The Cooper River Bridge Run will impact local roads the weekend of April 5 -7th.    While navlogothe library will be open its usual operating hours, some of the roads that students use to get here may be closed.  Check the list below for road closures.

Street Closures.
Friday April 5,
1. Hampton Park / Mary Murray Blvd – 2PM to 7PM {KIDS RUN}
2. George Street between Meeting and Anson Streets will be closed at 8PM until 2PM Saturday, April 6. Neighborhood traffic from Menotti Lane will have access to egress east on George Street, as well as, residents parked on this portion of George Street..
3. Meeting Street between Calhoun and Wentworth Streets will be closed at 10PM. The Northbound Lane of Meeting Street from George Street to Calhoun Street will remain open; the southbound lane of Meeting Street from George Street to Calhoun Street will be closed for traffic.
Saturday, April 6.
Ravenel Bridge closes at 7 am (in BOTH directions!)
1.Towing along the race route begins at 4AM!
2. Calhoun Street, between King and East Bay Streets, will be closed at 5AM. Calhoun Street will be closed from King Street to East Bay Street until the participants are in a manageable location and out of the roadways, streets are cleaned and bus traffic is safely able to be managed, hopefully before 1PM.
3. Meeting Street will close at 5AM from John Street to Wentworth Street; NOTE: George Street will have limited access to the parking lot between King and Meeting Streets only from King Street prior to 7AM and will not re-open until King Street is open following the race.
4. Arthur Ravenel Bridge Bike Lane will be closed at 6:30AM to clear the bridge of pedestrian traffic. This lane will re-open when the Bridge re-opens.
5. The Race Route and support street will be closed at 7AM until the participants are finished and the roadways are cleaned.
1. Both directions of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge will be closed until the participants have cleared the bridge, support staff removed, barricades removed, and the bridge cleaned of any debris.
2. Meeting Street will be closed from Romney Street to Woolfe Street and John Street to Hasell Street with early openings following the participants safely off the route and the route cleaned.
3. Woolfe Street will be closed from Meeting Street to King Street.
4. King Street will be closed from Spring Street to Wentworth Street.
5. Wentworth Street will be closed from King Street to Meeting Street.
6. An alternative route will be made to allow traffic to flow north and south for traffic affected by the King Street closures via St. Philip Street to ensure traffic can move easily around town.  Traffic east of Meeting Street will have full access to East Bay Street to travel in each direction.  The Charleston Police Department has perimeter traffic control setup on entrances to the route and will be working to minimize your confusion.
Please be reminded that the Ravenel Bridge will not be open in either direction during the Race beginning at 7AM. We would ask you to inform your customers, guests, employees and neighbors to be aware of the road closures and have a plan to get to your businesses, homes or destinations. You will be able to get through the City in all directions, but it may be time consuming so please plan ahead. .

Hat Tip:  Rosanna Pearson

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