Summer access to legal research databases for Charleston Law students

Student access to various legal research databases over the summer may be limited.  To maintain access, please review the following information:


Bloomberg Law allows unlimited use over the summer.  For May graduates, if you sign up for Bloomberg by the end of April, you will be given access for six months after you graduate, until November.  If you have not signed up for Bloomberg Law, you can get instructions on how to do so from the green cards in various places around the library, or by contacting Melissa Strickland.


Lexis is allowing “unlimited access to the content available to you in law school to be used for your academic, as well as any summer associate or internship/clerkship purposes” through Lexis Advance.  May graduates will be given the same access through July 31, 2013.  Students will not be given access to old Lexis for the summer.  If you don’t yet have a Lexis Advance ID, or are unsure of what it is, contact Carmela Orsini.


 Westlaw provides 40 hours per month access to all students for the months of June and July.

For students who are participating in:

  • Summer law school classes
  • Law Review and Journal work
  • Projects for professor
  • Unpaid, non-profit, public interest internship/externship or pro bono work required for graduation

You may receive unlimited access to Westlaw for the summer by going to and filling out the form there.


If you have any questions about any of this, or problems with these services, please contact Melissa Strickland.

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