Library & IT During Spring Exams

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Extended library hours for exams begin on Friday, April 19th, and run through Friday, May 3rd.  During that time, the library will be open from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.   After midnight, it will be staffed only by security.   On Saturday, May 4th, the hours will be 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Regular operating hours resume on Sunday, May 5th.

Study rooms become very popular at this time of the year.  Use the online booking system to reserve one.  Study room policies are available here.  Remember that the library and its study rooms are space that we all have to share so please be patient with one another.  Use your whisper voice throughout the stacks and study areas of the library.  Quiet is expected and appreciated.   Take cell phone and other conversations into the Barrister.

Study aids, i.e. hornbooks, nutshells, Acing series, etc., and class textbooks are also very popular now.  Be considerate of your classmates and return the materials on time.

The library will sponsor two Exam Breaks/Crunch Times at noon and again at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 25th, and Wednesday, May 1st.  We’ll have pizza so plan accordingly and enjoy!

IT will be providing IT support for exams using the Examsoft software.  Before coming to your exams, make sure that you do the following with your computers and ExamSoft:

  • all multiple choice portions of an exam will use ExamSoft so make sure that you have downloaded the most recent version of ExamSoft’s SofTest  before arriving for your exam.  Take the mock test to make sure that it functions properly on your laptop;
  • if you have a PC, make sure Windows is up to date before exams start;
  • if you have a MAC, make sure that you have operating system 10.6 or higher;
  • you will receive an email, notifying you when your exam is available for download;
  • arrive for your exam at least 15 minutes before it is scheduled to begin;
  • upload your exams before you leave the classroom after completing an exam; &
  • do not reformat your computer until Jamie Hiers sends a mass email, advising everyone that hard drives can be reformatted.

IT will have a table stationed in the Barrister the week of April 15th – 22nd.  If you have questions about your laptop or ExamSoft, please stop by.

Stop by the library and check out some of our exam prep material such as Alex Schimel’s Law School Exams:  A Guide to Better Grades.

Good luck on exams!

About Lisa Smith-Butler

Associate Professor of Law Charleston School of Law 385 Meeting St., Suite 322B Charleston, S.C. 29403 843.377.2144
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