The End of Lawyers?

In another step towards the future for lawyers predicted by Richard Susskind in The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services and, more recently, Tomorrow’s Lawyers, an Introduction to Your Future, Wolters Kluwer has unveiled new software, called General Counsel Navigator. The software, as predicted by Susskind, treats law as a commodity, and eliminates the need to consult attorneys with specialized legal knowledge. It supplies quick answers to difficult legal questions.

general counsel navigator

The software is designed to enable attorneys in general practice to provide their clients with answers to an array of questions in various legal specialties, such as securities, intellectual property, corporate governance, and health law. No one attorney can easily and quickly find the answers to the diverse questions brought to them by their clients, and consulting a specialist means money. The General Counsel Navigator, by providing the answers, effectively eliminates the need for the generalist to consult a specialist. The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so the answers, which include supporting citations, can be found quickly.

Multistate surveys are also readily accessible with this software, allowing for state-to-state comparisons.

Finally, the software provides numerous checklists, such as one which provides key effective dates for corporate Affordable Care Act compliance.

The General Counsel Navigator does not take us all the way to Susskind’s vision, because it is designed for use by lawyers, so the “answers” still flow from lawyer to client. But it brings us closer to a direct interface between software and legal consumer.

Hat tip to  Legal Skills Prof Blog

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