Need to Track Social Media? Try These Tools

socialcommerceAccording to Fulbright’s 9th Annual Litigation Trends Report, 41% of U.S. companies were required to preserve or protect data from an employee’s mobile device to comply with either regulatory or litigation matters.  This was up 9% from the prior year.

How are attorneys managing their clients in this respect?  According to Joe Dysart, there are 6 tools that can help attorneys and their clients manage and handle social media.  The ABA article lists them as:

X1 Social Discovery monitors and collects posts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and can also crawl and archive websites, email and YouTube.

Hanzo Archives products capture and archive Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and include YouTube, blogs, customer forums, wikis and websites.

Socialite, says maker Actiance, captures and archives employee use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and promises to satisfy regulatory, legal and corporate compliance requirements associated with those networks.

SocialWare provides a number of software products that capture and archive posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and promises to meet monitoring and compliance requirements for the finance industry.

Gremln promises compliant social media communication for companies regulated by the federal government, including financial services and health care.

FTI Consulting’s technology practice offers staff that law firms can source for everyday (and highly specialized) social media e-discovery needs.”

Check out the ABA article here.

Hat Tip:  ABA Journal

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