Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Facebook-LawsuitAccording to resources gathered by Digital Marketing Rambling, Facebook now has over 1.15 billion users.  With this many individuals using Facebook, lawyers are bound to be involved.  How?  Police now check for criminal activity on Facebook as criminals boast and post of their crimes on Facebook.  Teenagers sext and post complaints about their schools that result in their suspension or the imposition of disciplinary proceedings.  Employees complain about their bosses and are then terminated.  Lovers and ex-spouses cajole, threaten and post information that often becomes ammunition, available to their embattled soon to be exes.  But isn’t Facebook private?  Somewhat.  It certainly has privacy settings.  But friends share, and computer glitches abound.  According to Robert Byman, Facebook provides its users with plenty of opportunities to shoot themselves in the foot.  Check out his article here.  Used with care, Facebook can benefit attorneys, helping them build a practice or develop a client list.  To read about using Facebook as a helpful tool, check out some of the library’s Facebook materials such as Face2Face:  Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections or The Lawyer’s Guide to Social Networking.

Hat Tip:  Robert L. Byman, Attention Facebook Users:  Post at Your Own Peril, in The National Law Journal

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