The Future of Law

Future_LawRichard Susskind, UK author, advisor, and lawyer, has written extensively about the intersection of technology and the practice of law.  Susskind began exploring the impact of technology upon the practice of law with his 1996 book, The Future of Law.  Since then, he has authored several additional titles that include Transforming the Law, The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services, and Tomorrow’s Lawyers.  When they first appeared, Susskind’s ideas were radical and rejected by many of his colleagues. Since then, time has validated many of his theories, and he is now sought after as a speaker.  As his ideas became better known, books, services, and blogs, devoted to the subject of the future of law, grew.

Recently Lexis Nexis UK started a blog, The Future of Law, whose existence is to explore the “possibilities of change, identify trends, and highlight the way that the legal profession is evolving.”  Recent topics include Inflection Point Approaching:  Will Your Firm Be a Casualty, Build Communities of Lawyers:  Create the Waldorf Salad, and 5 Trends on the Future of Pricing Legal ServicesRobert Ambrogi recently described it as a “…new legal blog(s) of note.” 

Check this blog out here and also check out some of the library’s materials on the topic via our catalog, the Gavel, using the subject heading, “practice of law.”

Hat Tip:  Robert Ambrogi

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