More News from CALI – Their September Mini-Webinar Series

The folks at CALI are following up on their CALI Office Hours sessions on how to register for CALI. During the month of September they will present All About CALI
 Lessons, a 15 minute webinar explaining to law students, librarians, and faculty how to get started with CALI lessons. The September 13 webinar will repeat on September 17. Questions on CALI lessons? You are encouraged to bring them to the webinars.

The next webinar will be All About CALI eLangdell Press, the free open content instructional material that CALI offers instructors and librarians. This webinar takes place on September 20 and September 24.

The final September webinar will be on LessonLink and AutoPublish. LessonLink is a tool that allows instructors to monitor their students’ usage of, and scores on,  assigned CALI lessons. The webinar will explain how to create LessonLinks. AutoPublish lets instructors create lessons which CALI publishes. They differ from regular CALI lessons in that they are not reviewed by CALI, and are available only to students in the author’s class. This webinar will occur on September 27, repeating on October 1.

To register for these webinars, all you need is your name and law school email address. To attend, all you need is your computer.

CALI logo

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