courtlistenerCheck out CourtListener, a non-profit website that makes cases and accompanying alerts available, at no charge, to legal researchers.  Developed by Michael Lissner as part of his thesis in 2010 for his degree at the University of California, Berkeley School of information, the project has become part of the Free Law Project.  It provides access to over 2,183,211 cases that can be searched via party name, citation, date, docket number, keyword or judge.  Search results are displayed by party name in reverse chronological order.  Star pagination, which allows for pinpoint citation, is available as is the ability to set up and create email alerts.  Opinions can be shared via email or on Facebook or Twitter.  Coverage ranges, by date, from 1789 to the present, although it is not complete.  Courts covered include the United States Supreme Court, federal circuit and district courts, and state supreme courts.  Both the Supreme Court of South Carolina and the Court of Appeals of South Carolina provide access to selected opinions.  Again, coverage is selective rather than comprehensive.

Hat Tip:  Robert Ambrogi’s Law SitesCourtListener Adds 1.5 Million Opinions, Expands Coverage

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