Library & IT Holiday & Exam Information

people_studyingHello all,

I want to wish everyone a successful exam period and a restful and enjoyable December holiday break. I also want to share some information that is important. To make it easier to review, I am arranging it by topic as follows:

Crunch Time & Stress Relievers
Study Rooms
Study Aids
South Carolina Advance Sheets & Bar Information

Library Hours

Thanksgiving, November 28th:   Closed
Friday after Thanksgiving, November 29th:   9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Study Hall Only Staffed by CSOL Security.
Extended Exam Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. November 30th – December 13th
Access limited to currently enrolled Charleston School of Law students during this time.

Saturday, December 14th: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, December 15th: Regular Operating Hours Resume

December Holiday Break Closed
Closing Friday, December 20th – Re-opening Thursday, January 2nd

Crunch Time & Stress Relievers
•The Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library & IT provide pizza at noon and 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 3rd, and Tuesday, December 10th, as part of Student Services’ Crunch Time.
• Stress balls, puzzles and chocolate will be available at the Reference Desk and upstairs.
• Circulation, Help and Reference Desks will run their usual operating hours during the exam period.
IT Student Support, i.e. the Help Desk, will be in the Barrister area, starting Wednesday, November 13th, through Wednesday, November 27th,  to provide laptop support as exams near.
• Download, install, register and take a mock practice exam, using the ExamSoft software before exams begin.
• Do MAC updates and Windows updates for PCs before exams start.
• If you have not already done so, please do not update your MAC operating to Apple’s OSX Mavericks until after you finish exams. If you have already updated to OSX, please contact Jamie Hiers at .
• MACs should have a 10.6 or higher operating system. Please do not install OSX Mavericks on your MAC computer as it is not presently supported by ExamSoft/SofTest.
• Don’t reformat your laptop’s hard drive until after your return from the December holiday break.
Study Rooms
• Study rooms are very popular and will be in continuous demand during this time.
• Reserve your study room via the online reservation system here.
• To allow everyone an opportunity to use the study rooms, study room policies will be strictly enforced regarding groups (2 or more) and time limits (3 hours.) If no one is waiting for a study room, the study room will be renewable.
Study Aids
• Study aids, such as hornbooks, nutshells, and other series, are available.
• Browse the titles located on the shelves adjacent to the Circulation Desk or search the library’s catalog via Collection Type: Study Aids.

South Carolina Advance Sheets & Bar Prep Materials
• Locate bar review materials either by browsing the shelves across from the Circulation Desk or in the Reference office. Also use the library’s catalog, looking for Title: Bar via the Collection Type: Bar Review.
SOUTH CAROLINA ADVANCE SHEETS can be found in a spiral notebook adjacent to the Circulation Desk. They are available as a paperback advance book that is located adjacent to the SOUTH CAROLINA REPORTS in the South Carolina section of the library, aisle 39A. Advance sheets are also available via the South Carolina Judicial website.
• Professor Deborah McGovern has prepared a Bar Exam Resource Guide.  Check it out here.
• 4 iPads are available for student check out.
• Two iPads will be reserved for check out by 1Ls and 2Ls.
• Two iPads will be reserved for check out by 3Ls and 4Ls. These iPads contain BarMax preparation materials.
• iPads are available for check out now.

Please do remember that the library is a resource that everyone must share. It is used for studying and researching, activities which require reflection and quiet. Please help us maintain an academic atmosphere by taking conversations into the Barrister or outside.

Use your whisper voice while in the Stacks.
Good luck on exams and enjoy the holiday break!


Dean Smith-Butler

About Lisa Smith-Butler

Associate Professor of Law Charleston School of Law 385 Meeting St., Suite 322B Charleston, S.C. 29403 843.377.2144
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