January South Carolina Supreme Court News: Bar Exam, Interest Rates, Business Court & General Sessions Docket Committee

sc-supreme-court  The Supreme Court of South Carolina returned from the recent holiday break and began work immediately.  Several recent news items have been posted and include,  in reverse chronological order:

1.  the amendment of Rule 402(i) of the SCACR.  The amendment is effective immediately and is concerned with the state’s bar examination.  It lists materials prohibited at the bar examination and the penalties imposed on any applicant who removes test materials from the bar exam;

2.  the creation of a General Sessions Docket Comittee.  The Court ordered, on January 7, 2014, the reconciliation and disposition of general sessions cases state-wide and the creation of a General Sessions Docket Committee and the appointment of committee members.  According to the Court, the order “…created the General Sessions Docket Committee and appoints the following representatives from the Judiciary, Solicitors, Public Defenders, Private Counsel, and Clerks of Court to the Committee.  The Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Court concerning the adoption of a rule or order for the orderly administration of the docket in the Court of General Sessions.”;

3.    the expansion of the Business Court Pilot Program.  On January 3, 2014, the Court ordered the Business Court Pilot Program to be expanded throughout the state.  The state is divided into three regions.  Charleston County, along with Berkeley and Dorchester counties, will be in Region 3 where The Honorable Roger M. Young Sr. will serve as the Business Court judge; and

4.  the establishment of the interest rate for money decrees and judgements for 2014.  The Court’s first order of the new year set the interest rate for money decrees and judgments as required by South Carolina Code Ann. Section 34-31-20(b).  Citing the Wall Street Journal, the court stated “…the legal rate of interest for judgments and money decrees is 7.25% compounded annually.”

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