Automating Case Briefs

website_headers34-980x400  Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites reports that David Lutz,  a third year law student at the University of Michigan, created an iPad app that allows students to import cases in pdf files and then use one of nine highlighters to brief the case, allowing them to automate their case brief without rekeying text.   The app is called BriefCase.  Different colored highlighters can be used to highlight and label the text of the case as:






The app then matches the highlighted text to the appropriate label (Facts, Procedure) and the student then presses Brief.  A brief is then created and can be printed or emailed, provided the student purchases the $9.99 app from the iTunes store.  Annotations can be added to the brief.  A built dictionary is also available.  Briefs can be shared via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Check it out!

Hat Tip:  Robert Ambrogi

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