Appellate Briefs Due Next Monday?

tumblr_n2abqlsZxf1tuumcxo1_500  We’ve heard a rumor that 1L appellate briefs are due, electronically at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 23rd, and in print on Monday, March 24th.  Do you need some tips on drafting?  If so, check out the library’s resources on appellate briefs and oral advocacy via the library’s catalog.  We have several titles that can help.  Use appellate brief via a keyword search to retrieve those titles.

Stressed?  To relax and enjoy some silly fun, check out the Legal Writing Memes on Tumblr here.

Good luck!

Hat Tip:  Melissa Strickland

About Lisa Smith-Butler

Lisa is the Associate Dean for Information Services at the Charleston School of Law, Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library. She teaches Advanced Legal Research & Children & the Law.
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