Job Hunting? Combine Your Resume, Writing Sample & Oral Presentation

lawyerjobhuntingAs 3Ls prepare to graduate and 1Ls begin to look for summer clerkships, it seems that everyone is requesting a resume and writing sample.  How can you, the job hunter,  combine your resume, writing sample, and an oral argument or presentation in one place?

You can use personalized business card CDs or personalized flash drives, loading your resume, writing sample, and oral argument into one place instead of having to hand potential employers stacks of paper as earlier generations did.  If you want to hand an employer a business card, embossed with your URL to your electronic or in-the-cloud portfolio, you can do that too.

What are some cloud resources that you can use?  Check out e-portfolio which encourages students to build dynamic interactive presentations for their work or Folio for Me.  Both sites allow students to create accounts and then upload documents and URLs.  What URL?  Post your oral argument or an oral presentation to your private YouTube channel.  Then place the URL on your cloud portfolio.  Folio also allows students to create blogs and add other social media to highlight their accomplishments.

You can even build your own website, easily and cheaply, with Weebly or Google Sites.  Fees range from zero to $25.00 per month for Weebly.  Weebly lets you post documents, i.e. resumes and writing samples, videos, and pictures.  You can create a blog there and promote it via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Built in site analytics help you ascertain how your site is performing.

For more information about the library’s job hunting resources, check out our Career Resources Libguide here.

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