Coming Soon: Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th Edition

blackslawdictionary  On Friday, May 9th, Thomson Reuters released the 10th edition of Black’s Law Dictionary.  Edited again by Bryan Garner, the print version weighs 6.5 pounds and contains 7,500 new entries.  According to a Law Technology News article, changes include the removal of citations to the West Key Number system and the addition of new features such as:

“*  …[m]ore extensive dating of terms [;]

* [t]he bibliography of cited works is twice the length of previous editions [; &]

* [t]he number of sources quoted and cited has more than doubled.”

Thomson Reuters promises a digital edition, which will cost additional dollars, to WestlawNext in early 2015 and an app as well.

The library’s version has been ordered and should be here soon.  Stop by and check it out.


About Lisa Smith-Butler

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