July 3, 2014 United State Supreme Court order

Wheaton College v Burwell

College sued for an injunction prohibiting the government from requiring the filing of a form which would in its view trigger the contraception mandate. The Court, with one justice concurring in result and three dissenters, enjoined enforcement of the form requirement during appellate review while noting the government can rely on a different notice already provided by College in implementing the mandate. Justice Sotomayor, joined by Ginsberg and Kagan, dissented arguing that the mandate is triggered by federal law and an injunction is not appropriate here as the case is at the merits stage at the district court and College’s right to relief is not indisputably clear as there is no substantial burden on College’s religious beliefs. The dissent also argued that the injunction here is inconsistent with Hobby Lobby decided this week and accused the majority of meddling in the administrative process without authority to do so.

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