Good Advice for Incoming 2Ls

j_LowRes_MG_1077At Findlaw’s Greedy Associates, Gabriella Khorasanee offers 2Ls good advice to make the most of their junior year. Khorasanee offers a lists that recommends:

“1.  Participate in OCI.

2.  Write a Note.

3.  Get Your GPA Up. 

4.  Take Advantage of Clinics.

5.  Master Litigation Skills in Moot Court.”

I would add one item to Khorasanee’s list:  head to the law library, talk to a reference librarian, and become an excellent cost-effective researcher.  Check out some of the library’s materials on succeeding in law school via the catalog and the display case next to the entry way.


About Lisa Smith-Butler

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