New Law: Innovative Disruption & Legal Technology Companies

newlawAs part of the innovative disruption discussion started earlier on this blog, this entry will focus on some of the legal technology companies that are creating and leading some of the innovative legal disruption.  Perhaps one of the better known companies is Legal Zoom.  Not only does it advertise on week day morning news shows, it has been in the news as many have argued that Legal Zoom  is engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and sued to stop them.    The Supreme Court of South Carolina recently concluded and reported that Legal Zoom was not engaged in the unauthorized practice of law while the company did not fare as well with the North Carolina Courts.

Jordan Furlong recently compiled what he calls an incomplete inventory of new law companies at Law21.  He mentions several companies, including:





Curo Legal

Custom Counsel

Daily General Counsel

Direct Law



Fair Outcomes


Iron Tech Lawyer

Justice Cafe


Law Gives

Law Without Walls

Legal Force

Legal Zoom


Littler CaseSmart



OnRamp Apprentice


Picture It Settled

Posse List

Potamac Law

Reinvent Law


Rocket Matter


Smart Legal Forms


This is just a brief list of the many companies that Mr. Furlong mentions in his blog.  He then very helpfully splits the list into two categories:  “aligning human talent with legal tasks….[and ] applying technology to the performance of legal tasks.”    Check out some of the library’s materials, both print and electronic, on innovative legal disruption here via the library’s catalog.

Hat Tip:  Jordan Furlong, An Incomplete Inventory of New Law, Law21


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