August 13, 2014 South Carolina Supreme Court published opinions

In the Matter of Alma C. Defillo

Defillo is licensed to practice law in Florida. She set an office in South Carolina and advertised her services without disclosing she is not licensed to practice law in South Carolina and limited her practice to federal immigration cases and falsely stated she had other attorneys working with her. She also failed to cooperate with the bar’s investigation of her actions. The Court held Defillo was subject to discipline based on her holding herself out as a South Carolina attorney and based on her advertising. The Court barred Defillo from applying for any type of admission tot eh South Carolina bar or to advertise or solicit potential clients without an order from the court. It also order Defillo to take the bar’s ethics course and pay the expenses of the investigation prior to applying for an order allowing admission, advertising or solicitation of clients.

In the Matter of Eric J. Davidson

Davidson failed to maintain records for several trust accounts, failed to reconcile them, failed to insure that funds in the account were properly disbursed and abandoned his practice without properly closing his trust accounts and failed to participate in the disciplinary proceedings. The Court disbarred Davidson, appointed a receiver to reconcile the various accounts and pay all clients owed monies and ordered Davidson to pay the costs of the investigation.

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