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lawyersastechnologistsThe Law Professors Blog Network recently launched a new blog, the Legal Technology Blog.  Jeannette Eicks and Oliver Goodenough, both of Vermont Law School, co-edit the blog with Stephanie Kimbro of Stanford and Michele Pistone of Villanova University School of Law.

Stephanie Kimbro recently published an interesting post, Basic Tech Skills that Should Exist in Law School Curricula.  She also co-authored an article on the topic with Ron Dolin, Course Correction:  Teaching Tomorrow’s Lawyers Legal Technology SkillsDolin developed the syllabus and taught the first course on legal informatics for Stanford Law School

According to Kimbro, some of the new roles and tasks for newly minted lawyers will include such things as:

*  legal knowledge engineer;

*  legal technologist;

*  legal process analyst;

*  legal project manager;

*  ODR practitioner;

*  legal management consultant; and

*  high risk manager.

Kimbro lists tasks that new law school graduates need to know how to do.  These include:

*  designing the information architecture of a law firm;

*  creating and understanding the basics of cloud practice management systems;

*  understanding and creating secure client technology portals;

*  understanding and creating remote collaboration technologies that will allow attorneys to communicate with colleagues from remote locations;

*  using technology for client development, including marketing and branding;

*  creating payment systems for the firm; and

*  using technology that speeds up the processing of legal work.

In her post, Kimbro also mentions the new Program for Legal Technology & Design .  This program describes it mission and purpose as “the development of access to justice tools….[the] teaching [of] students [to] design and develop new legal services….[and] documenting how innovation can be brought into law.”  It is an interesting perspective of the future tasks and functions that await new lawyers as technology continues its disruption in the legal field.

Hat Tip:  TaxProf Blog

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