New on HeinOnline: Archived State Reports & State Statutes

statereportscaptureHeinOnline recently added State Reports and State Statutes to their library.

State Reports provides selected coverage of older, pre-National Reporter, state cases.  These materials can be browsed by state or publication list.

As an example, there are 49 volumes of South Carolina cases from 1783 – 1868.  There are also 35 volumes of South Carolina Equity decisions within this.  South Carolina Reports from 1868 through 1887 are also available.  In addition to browsing, you can also use the Advanced Search feature to search by text, title or author.

statestatutecaptureAt the same time, Hein also added another library, State Statutes.  This library contains selected archived state statutes or state session laws for all 50 states.  While coverage varies by state, the library can be browsed by state or title.  Hein’s Advanced Search feature allows searching the collection by text, title or author.  South Carolina statutes or session laws from 1817 through the 1952 Code are available.  Georgia’s materials cover 1799 – 1933 while North Carolina’s statutes are available from 1773 – 1927.

Check it out here.

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