casetextDeveloped by law school graduates from  Stanford, UC Hastings College, and Yale in conjunction with engineers and mathematicians, CaseText provides its users with legal research materials, legal knowledge, current awareness, and connections.  According to its creators, CaseText was designed to achieve three goals:  “The law should be free to access and understandable to all.  Lawyers, academics, and policy professionals should benefit from the collective knowledge of the legal community.  The way lawyers currently conduct legal research is far less effective, collaborative, and reliable than it could and should be.”

Primary sources available to be searched, via a google type tool bar, include all decisions from the United States Supreme Court, decisions from federal circuit courts from 1920 onwards, decisions from federal district courts between 1950-2012, the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations and selected supreme court decisions from the states of California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Texas.  Search results can be ranked by date, relevance or citation count.  Results can be filtered by jurisdiction or topic.  Focusing via additional keywords is also available.  Quick facts are located on the right hand side of the screen.  Attorneys can also annotated the cases or codes with blog postings.

Forty-two communities, ranging from Tax Law to Legal Research, have been created that researchers can follow.  Updates and analysis by attorneys can be found in these communities.  Researchers can add their own comments via blog posts.

Lastly content from the communities is pushed directly into researchers’ mailboxes.

Check it out here.

Hat Tip:  Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

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