Managing All of Your Passwords with a Password Manager

passwordmanagerTired of trying to remember all of your passwords for the home and office?  What if there was one site at which you could store all of your passwords and need to remember only one master password?  LifeHacker and PC Magazine both offer suggestions and solutions to password misery and confusion.

As LifeHacker points out, there are essentially three ways to save and manage work passwords:

1)  saving your logins to your browser;

2) using a desktop password manager; or

3) using a cloud based password manager.

The first choice, saving your logins to your browser, works only when you are using your work computer.  If you are logging into another computer, a tablet or a phone, this solution doesn’t help, particularly if you cannot remember what you used as your password.

LifeHacker posits that a desktop based password manager, such as KeePass, is the most secure, albeit the most inconvenient, password manager as it chains the user to his or her computer but resides securely on the user’s desk or laptop.

PC Magazine reviews and rates several cloud based password managers, reviewing both free and fee based apps.  Free password managers mentioned by the magazine include LastPass, Intuitive Password, and Password Box.  Fee based password managers include LastPass PremiumRoboForm Everywhere 7, 1Password, and SplashID.  Passwords in this paragraph are cloud based and thus more susceptible to hacking.  If you use one of these, follow best practices to create a strong, difficult to hack, master password.

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