Articles Worth Reading

download-google-books-freeCheck out the following articles for your reading pleasure:

1)  5 Social Media Land Mines Lawyers Should Avoid

2)  7 Keys to Improving Your Direct Examination

3)  A Lateral Boom of Older Lawyers

4)  A Short, Fast Look at 2015 So Far

5)  How Law Firms Are Innovating When It Comes to Hiring

6)  How to Use Lean Metrics to Measure and Deliver Exceptional Law Firm Client Service

7)  ‘Justice Is Our Calling’, Outgoing ABA President Hubbard Says, Remembering Charleston

8)  Lawyers need “Soft Skills”–So Why Aren’t Law Schools Teaching Them?

9)  Top 10 Ways to Manage Your Finances and Navigate Student Debt

10)  Why the Movies Love Lawyers

Happy reading!

About Lisa Smith-Butler

Associate Professor of Law Charleston School of Law 385 Meeting St., Suite 322B Charleston, S.C. 29403 843.377.2144
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