Law School Survival: Study Aids

lawschoolHaving survived your first week of law school, many of you, particularly the 1Ls, are now asking: “what else can I use to help me study and understand the law?”

The library has a few suggestions for study aids listed below.

  1. For more interactive learning, check out CALI lessons on a variety of topics at  You’ll need to register with your CSOL authorization code to start.  1Ls received the authorization code in their Orientation packets.  Others can acquire the code from the Reference Desk.  What is CALI?  CALI lessons take students through a series of questions on a particular subject, providing immediate feedback as the student provides answers.
  2. Students who are auditory and learn by listening should check out some of the audiovisual materials available on a variety of subjects.  Flashcards are also available.  These materials are located in the Reference office.
  3. Students who want to listen to cases or watch trials should check out Lexis Courtroom Cast which is hosted by Courtroom View Network.  This resource can be found on the library’s web page under Research Resources/Databases.  You can listen to the audio of cases, searching for cases by subject, party name, or case book.
  4. Check out the hornbooks, nutshells, Examples & Explanations, Understanding series and other study aids located in the Study Aid section of the library which is adjacent to the library’s Circulation Desk.  These print materials are designed to help you grasp and understand the concepts of black letter law in your classes.  To locate appropriate materials, physically browse the shelves or search the library’s catalog by selecting law in the keyword section and limiting your search to the collection study aids.

Happy studying!  Please stop by the Reference Desk if you have questions or suggestions.  We’re here for you.

About Lisa Smith-Butler

Associate Professor of Law Charleston School of Law 385 Meeting St., Suite 322B Charleston, S.C. 29403 843.377.2144
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