South Carolina Supreme Court Opinions


On Wednesday, September 9th, the South Carolina Supreme Court published four opinions:  In the Matter of Christopher Gerald Harper, State v. Scott, Stokes-Craven Holding Corp. v. Robinson, and Azar v. City of Columbia.

In the Matter of Christopher Gerald Harper, the Court published a disciplinary opinion in which the Court disbars a lawyer.

State v. Scott was an appeal of a murder conviction where this Court affirmed the court of appeals’ decision that the evidence presented did not support a jury instruction on involuntary manslaughter. The Court held that Scott did not present any evidence that he acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others. Thus, an involuntary manslaughter charge was not warranted. 

In Stokes-Craven Holding Corp. v. Robinson,  Appellant  appeals the circuit court’s order granting summary judgment in favor of its trial attorney and his law firm based on the expiration of the three-year statute of limitations. Appellant contends the court erred in applying this Court’s decision in Epstein v. Brown, 363 S.C. 372, 610 S.E.2d 816 (2005), and holding that Appellant knew or should have known that it had a legal malpractice claim on the date of the adverse jury verdict. We overrule Epstein, reverse the circuit court’s order, and remand the matter to the circuit court.

In Azar v. City of Columbia, Appellants brought this action contending the City of Columbia is prohibited by Section 6-1-330 of the South Carolina Code from using a percentage of the approximately $110 million in water and sewer revenues the City generates each year for purposes unrelated to water and sewer. The trial court granted summary judgment for the City. This Court reversed the holding and remanded the matter to the trial court.

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