Articles Worth Reading

articles worth reading

For your information and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1.  4 Ways to Win Client Loyalty ;
  2.   5 Reasons to Scan and Digitize Your Law Firm’s Client Work ;
  3.   5 Ways Social Media Can Land Employers in Court ;
  4.   Hot-Button Cases Could Be Reargued After Scalia’s Death ;
  5.   How to Set the Stage for an Appellate Win ;
  6.   Law Firms Are Feeling the Heat to Keep Costs Low ;
  7.   One-Word Business Development ;
  8.   Recruiter Corner: Four Steps to Effective Communication ;
  9.   State Legal Information Census: An Analysis of Primary State Legal Information ;
  10.   The State of Legal Research Education: A Survey of First Year Legal Research Programs or “Why Johnny and Jane Cannot Research” ; and
  11.   Why You Need Two Types of Content Strategist .

Happy reading!

About Lisa Smith-Butler

Lisa is the Associate Dean for Information Services at the Charleston School of Law, Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library. She teaches Advanced Legal Research & Children & the Law.
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