Articles Worth Reading

articles worth reading  For your information and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1.  5 Billing Practices That Clients Hate ;
  2.  5 Legal Writing Cliches Sure to Come Back and Bite You ;
  3.  9 Steps to an Effective Content Marketing Plan ;
  4.  43% of Young Women Lawyers Experience Bias, Florida Survey Finds ;
  5.  75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without ;
  6.  2016 National Tax Moot Court Competition Results from the TaxProf Blog ;
  7. Attorney Job Search: Three Questions You Should Never Ask at an Interview ;
  8. Decoding Digital Hieroglyphics: The Meaning of Emojis in Evidence ;
  9. EEOC Files Its First Sexual Orientation Discrimination Suits ;
  10. Starting a Law Firm: Never a Dumb Question ;
  11. Survey Results: Truths About Lawyers & Social Media ;
  12.  Ten Tips for Law Students on Using Facebook to Get a Job ;
  13.  The Alphabet Soup of Law Firm Pricing: Alternative Fee Arrangements, Behavior, Cost-Predictability, Demand and Efficiency! ;
  14. The End of Lawyers, Period. ; and
  15. Virginia Middle Schooler Is Criminally Charged for Making Threats with Emojis.

Happy reading!

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