Articles Worth Reading

articles worth reading  For your information and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1.   4 Steps Your Law Firm Can Take Now to Increase Market Share ;
  2.  4 Ways to Boost Ediscovery Efficiency ;
  3.   5 Ways to Build Trust When Talking With Clients ;
  4.   5 Ways to Fix the Biggest Cybersecurity Issues Law Firms Face ;
  5.   Are You Making ‘Reasonable Efforts’ to Safeguard Your Client’s Information? ;
  6.   As Legal Departments Do More Work, Tech Adoption Becomes Critical ;
  7.   Best Practices for Motions Brief Writing: Part 1 ;
  8.   Best Practices for Motions Brief Writing: Part 2 ;
  9.   Connecting Practicing and Prospective Attorneys: Meet a Lawcountability Lawyer ;
  10.   Entrepreneur Helps Lawyers Make Their Best Decisions ;
  11.   Google’s Lawyers Agree Not to Google Jurors ;
  12.   Job-Killing Legal Technologies? They Only Look That Way ;
  13.   Law Career Fitness Challenge #4: Avoid Procrastination and Get Started ;
  14.   Lawyers/Law Students Exploring Communications Careers–Focus on Marketing ;
  15.   Mock Pretrial Conference with Judge Explores the Depth of New FRCP    Amendments ;
  16.   Should Legal Profession Embrace Change or Stand Firm? ;
  17.    Social Media Fail: Sometimes Even Employers Memorialize Bad Decisions on the Internet ;
  18.    Super Settlement for “Supercookie” Privacy Law Violation Which Tracked +1– Million Cell Users! ;
  19.   Supreme Court Nomination: Who the Lawyers Want ; and
  20.   Tips for the Anxious Attorney: How to Manage High Stress Situations .

Happy reading!

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