Taxes & Forms: April 18, 2016


No the above is not a typo or mistake.  While federal tax day is typically April 15th, it falls on Monday, April 18th, in 2016.  Why? says it is because Washington, D.C. is celebrating Emancipation Day on Friday, April 15th.  Some states are changing their tax due day to correspond to the federal due date for 2016 while others are not.  South Carolina changed its due date for tax filing to April 18th.

Federal Forms & Extension Request

The tax form for individuals, the 1040, is available here .  Additional federal tax forms, searchable by product number, title, revision date, or posted date, can be found hereFeatured forms are available here.  The tax tables are available here.

For the procrastinators who won’t be filing until October 17, 2016 or earlier, a request to file an extension, plus payment of additional taxes, must be filed on the 18th.  Form 4868, the request for an extension to file federal income taxes, can be found here.

Access to the I.R.C. or Title 26 of the U.S.C. can be found here while access to federal tax regulations via the C.F.R. is available here.

South Carolina Forms & Extension Request

South Carolina tax forms for individuals and businesses can be found here.   Forms can be searched by form name, category, or year.  The SC1040 is here while the SC 2015 Tax Tables are here.

Forms making a request to file an extension with SC4868 can be found here.

All 50 States

The IRS provides a list of web sites for all 50 states for taxation.  This list is available here.

For more tax information and additional resources, check out the library’s CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter, available electronically here.   A check of the library’s catalog, with tax in the title, reveals holdings of 1,580 titles.

Need more tax resources?  Stop by the library’s Reference Desk.


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