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Yes it is that time of year.  Classes end this Friday, April 22nd.  Exams begin on Tuesday, April 26th.


During the next several weeks, the library will be very busy. Please remember that it is a space that everyone must share. It is primarily used for researching and studying, two activities that contemplate and require quiet.  Take cell phones and other conversations to the Barrister.  Otherwise use your whisper voice while in the stacks!

Extended Hours During Exams

The library begins extended hours on Saturday, April 23rd.  From the 23rd until May 6th, the library will be open daily/nightly from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.  The Circulation Desk will be staffed its usual operating hours but Security will be here at all hours.  The Help Desk will relocate to the 3rd floor of the 385 Meeting St. building, outside of Dean Lawton’s office.  This will enable them to multi-task and provide assistance for exams.  If you need reference assistance during this time, please stop by one of the librarians’ offices.

Crunch Time & Stress Relievers

As part of Student Services’ Crunch Time, the library will provide pizza at noon and 5:00 p.m. on April 26th & May 3rd during the exam period.

Stress balls, puzzles and chocolate will be available at the Reference Desk and upstairs.

IT Student Support, i.e. the Help Desk, will be in the Barrister area, starting Monday, April 18th to provide laptop support as exams near.   They will be there until Friday, April 22nd. Please stop by to make sure that your laptop is ready for exams.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are very popular and will be in continuous demand during this time.

Reserve your study room via the online reservation system @ http://www.charlestonlaw.libcal.com/ in advance. It will save you time and spare the students at the Circulation Desk grief.

To allow everyone an opportunity to use the study rooms, study room policies will be strictly enforced regarding groups (2 or more) and time limits (3 hours.) If no one is waiting for a study room, the study room will be renewable.


Download, install, register and take a mock practice exam, using the ExamSoft software before exams begin. ExamSoft exam taker tips can be found here while demo videos for PCs and MACs are here.

Do MAC updates and Windows updates for PCs before exams start.

Don’t reformat your laptop’s hard drive until IT sends out the all clear email.

Study Aids

Study aids, such as hornbooks, nutshells, and other series, are available.

Browse the titles located on the shelves adjacent to the Circulation Desk or search the library’s catalog via Collection Type: Study Aids.

Practice Exams

Check the library’s catalog for exams placed there by your professor.  You’ll do an author search, using last name, first name, i.e. Compton, Amanda.  Not every professor places older exams in the library’s catalog so check with your professor.  Some place exams on their TWEN course page.

Multiple choice questions are available, primarily in the Reference office, while books that advise how to handle law schools exams successfully also exist.  Again, use the library’s catalog to locate these materials, using exams as your search term in the keyword field.

CALI, in addition to its subject mastery lessons, also provides podcasts from law professors on how to successfully take law school exams.

Lexis Nexis Courtroom Cast

This resource provides students with access to the audio versions of selected cases and casebooks. It also provides access to training videos and selected trials and other trial related videos.

New Study Guides for 1Ls

The library research assistants have been busy this fall, preparing research guides to help the 1Ls study and prepare for exams. Check out:

  1. 1L Guide to Surviving the First Year
  2. Civil Procedure I
  3. Contracts Study Aids
  4. Property Law Study Aids
  5. Torts Study Guide Resources

South Carolina Advance Sheets & Bar Prep Materials

Locate bar review materials either by browsing the shelves across from the Circulation Desk or in the Reference office. Also use the library’s catalog, looking for Title: Bar via the Collection Type: Bar Review.

South Carolina Advance Sheets can be found in a spiral notebook adjacent to the Circulation Desk. They are available as a paperback advance book that is located adjacent to the South Carolina Reports in the South Carolina section of the library, aisle 39A. Advance sheets are also available via the South Carolina Judicial web page.

A Bar Exam Resource Guide with information about bar exams and bar prep materials can be found here.


4 iPads are available for student check out.

Two iPads will be reserved for check out by 1Ls and 2Ls.

Two iPads will be reserved for check out by 3Ls and 4Ls. These iPads contain BarMax preparation materials.

Good luck!



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