Articles Worth Reading

articles worth reading For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1.  3 Major Invoice Billing Errors, and How Law Firms Can Cut Costs ;
  2.  5 Rude Lawyer Behaviors to Avoid ;
  3.  5 Ways Associates Waste Time ;
  4.  5 Ways to Damage Your Client’s Trust ;
  5.  Analytics 2.0:  Law Department Leaders Explain Integrating Data into Their  Practices ;
  6.  “Analytics for Dumm…” eh, lawyers ;
  7.  Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession Should Be Regulated, Op-ed Argues ;
  8.  Automated Services, Legal Questions, Apps, and AI Review–Next Frontiers in Legal  Tech? ;
  9.  DOJ and DOE Issue Guidance on Privacy Rights of Transgender Students ;
  10.  Financial and Data Considerations for the New Age ;
  11.  Five Reasons Why Pokemon Go Will Change Education and One Reason Why It  Won’t ;
  12.  Forced Apology in Juvenile Case Does Not Violate First Amendment ;
  13.  How To Become the Firm Every GC Wants To Hire ;
  14.  LawToolBox Microsoft Outlook Add-On for Deadline Management, Court Rules  Updates for Lawyers ;
  15.  Louisiana Mom Is Arrested fir Whipping Kids After They Burglarized Neighbor’s  Home ;
  16.  Microsoft Doesn’t Have To Give Prosecutors Emails Stored on Servers in Ireland, 2nd  Circuit Says;
  17.  Pokemon Go Developer Wades into Privacy Minefield ;
  18.  Process Over Product:  A Pedagogical Focus on Email As A Means of Refining Legal  Analysis ;
  19.  Strengthening Our Anti-Bullying Laws ;
  20.  Supreme Court Deadlocks on Immigration, Keeping Injunction in Place ;
  21.  The Future of Corporate Legal Operations Is Now ;
  22.  Trump’s Law ;
  23.  Virginia School Board Asks Supreme Court to Block Order on Transgender Bathroom     Use ; and
  24.  When You Should Say “No Thanks” to a Prospective Client .

Happy reading!

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