Articles Worth Reading

download-google-books-freeFor your reading pleasure and information needs, check out the following articles below:

For law students:

1.  1L of a Ride:  The Top Five Habits of Successful Law Students (webinar) ;

2.  Advice for the Multistate Performance Test ;

3.  Character Is Essential for New Lawyers:  Skills Not So Much ;

4.  Competition Videos–ABA for Law Students ;

5.  Diversity, Consumer Groups at Odds Over Tougher Bar Pass Rules Proposed for Law        Schools;

6.  Foundations for Practice Database:  Survey of the Skills, Characteristics, and Competencies That Every Lawyer Needs ;

7.  The Dos and Don’ts of Your First Job ;

8.  The Syllabus as Contract ;

9.  U.S Receives Thousands of Comments on Proposed Student Debt Loan Forgiveness Rules ;

10.  What Every Law Student Really  Needs to Know  ; and

11.  What Skills Should New Lawyers Have?

For lawyers:  practice opportunities, suggestions and tips:

1.  15 Legal Billing Practices:  The Good and the Bad;

2.  Avoid the Temptation to Practice Threshold Law ;

3.  Building a Company Culture of Trust ;

4.  Cuba Special Report:  Making Deals, Doing Business, Hitting the Beach ;

5.  For God’s Sake, Think Before You Email ;

6.  Going Paperless in a Law Firm Can Work Practically ;

7.  How Much Do Solo Lawyers Make?  More Than IRS Data Suggests, Law Prof Asserts ;

8.  Is Skype Safe for Attorney-Client Communication? ;

9.  Law Firm Website Basics:  Typography, SEO, and Security ;

10.  Lawyer Accused of Sexting Appointed Client Gets Interim Suspension ;

11.  Legal Practice Management:  How to Address the Top Challenges Faced by Today’s Small Firms ;

12.  The 6 Types of Lawyer Movies ;

13.  The Agony of Invoices:  When it Comes to Math, Humans Are No Match for Machines ;

14.  The Judgment Machine:  How Algorithmic Software Won Me Over ;

15.  The Key Trait That Lawyers and Law Firms of the Future Will Need:  Flexibility ;

16.  What to Expect (Will Happen to Your Career) When You’re Expecting ; and

17.  U.S. Law Firms Expand into Latin America at a Record Pace .

On legal education, the United States Supreme Court, and miscellanea

1.  ABA Releases Report on State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession ;

2.  After School Satan Clubs Are Planned to Counter Bible Clubs ;

3.  Drivers Are Pulled Over for Driving without an Ice Cream Cone:  Are the Stops Unconstitutional? ;

4.  Fourth Circuit Strikes NC Voter ID Law, Finding “Discriminatory Intent” ;

5.  Meteoric Rise of Pokemon Go Spurs Privacy Concerns;

6.  Supreme Court Temporarily Stays 4th Circuit’s Ruling on Title IX and Transgender Rights ;

7.  When Sandra Day O’Connor Broke into the Men’s Club; and

8.  Widespread Confusion Over the Rules of the Road for Bicyclists Leads to Clashes.

Happy reading!


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