Articles Worth Reading


For your reading pleasure and information needs, check out the following articles:

1. 3 Recent Legal Tech Partnerships and What They Mean for the Industry ;

2. 5 Ways Firms Waste Money ;

3. 9 Tips for Becoming a Legal Pundit in the Media;

4. ABA Says New “Blueprint” Site Will Save Money for Small Firms ;

5. An Alternative Field Manual for Law Job Hunters ;

6. Federal Judge Blocks US From Enforcing Directive to Schools on Transgender Students and Bathrooms ;

7. Five Ways to Boost Potential for Law Firm Innovation;

8. Gaining the Power of Metrics means Looking at More than Just Legal Spend ;

9. Law Firms Won’t See Big Profit Bumps in 2016, Report Says ;

10. Legal Industry:  Wake Up & Smell the Data ;

11. New Legal Search Tool Finds Missing Pieces, Opposing Arguments ;

12. Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States ;

13. State of the Legal Field Survey by BarBri ;

14. The ABA Should Embrace Change and Not Be “Left in the Dust” Executive Director Says ;

15. The Do’s and Don’ts of Law Firm Websites ;

16. The Success Metrics:  InOutsource Launches Business Intelligence for Law Firms ;

17.  The Voodoo and How-To of Lawyers’ Duty to Search the Internet ;

18. Using Social Media in Jury Selection:  Can Jurors Be Your “Friends?” ;

19. Why Is There a Disconnect Between What Firms Are Doing and What Clients Want? ; &

20. Why Won’t Law Firms Innovate?  Clients Don’t Make Them .

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