Articles Worth Reading

For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1. Are ‘Digital’ and ‘Privacy’ Really Mutually Exclusive?
  2. Building Relationships Beyond Your Campus
  3. Breaking Into BigLaw Without A BigLaw Resume
  4. Companies Seeking Next-Generation Office Space to Attract, Retain Millennials
  5. Congress Approves Bill Allowing Families of Sept. 11 Victims to Sue Saudi Arabia
  6. Essential Research Skills for New Attorneys: A Survey of Academic and Practitioner Law Librarians
  7. Everyone Fails, but Only the Wise Find Humility
  8. How Artificial Intelligence is Already Transforming Legal Services
  9. Facing a bias suit and criticism, Airbnb takes steps to curb discrimination by its hosts
  10. Five Laws and Regulations That Emerged From 9/11
  11. How to Recognize and Prevent Lawyer Burnout
  12. How We Can Diversify The Legal Profession And Why We Must
  13. Leveraging Trial Strategies To Improve Your Negotiating Skills
  14. Martindale-Hubbell, Nolo Launch Legal Marketing Network
  15. Succeeding with Millennial Jurors Requires Understanding Their Generational Traits
  16. The Competitive Advantage of Long-Tail Keywords
  17. Typos Stage A Resurgence As Attys Turn To Document Makers
  18. United States Treaties Added to the Law Library Website
  19. Think word-of-mouth marketing is enough? Think again
  20. Will I Pass the Bar Exam?: Predicting Student Success Using LSAT Scores and Law School Performance


Happy Reading!



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