Articles Worth Reading



For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1. An Important New Tool For Litigators in Federal Court
  2. Artificial Intelligence Predicted Case Outcomes With 79% Accuracy by Analyzing Factual Portrayal
  3. Costs of Competency-Based Programs Come Into Focus
  4. Does Slower Rate Growth Increase Revenues
  5. Five Legal Marketing Trends to Watch-Attorney At Work
  6. Forget Accreditation. Bring On The College Audit
  7. How Your Law Firm Can Position Itself For Prosperity
  8. Legal Executive Institute — Litigation in 2016
  9. Think Higher Billing Rates Are the Key to Higher Law Firm Revenue? Think Again, Report Says
  10. Latest Developments in the Law of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  11. An Examination of the Trends
  12. Pay Disparity: Cronyism or Just Plain Sex Discrimination
  13. Replay: Understanding the Bar Admission Form and the Moral Character and Fitness Application
  14. Why we Need Experiential Training to Ensure Civility
  15. Common Legal Research Misconceptions by Summer Associates


Happy Reading!


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