Resources for Judge Neil Gorsuch


A brief biography of Judge Gorsuch can be found on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals web site. Today’s National Law Journal provides extensive coverage of Judge Gorsuch, including articles comparing Gorsuch to Scalialegal tweets  about the Gorsuch nomination, the Gorsuch ruling that pans agency deference, Gorsuch in his own words, and  Gorsuch as an Ivy League conservative.   The Wall Street Journal covers the legal community’s reaction here.  The New York TimesWashington Post, and SCOTUS blog also provide extensive  analysis, coverage, and commentary regarding the nomination.

list of reported 10th Circuit Court of Appeals opinions, authored or participated in by Judge Gorsuch, can be found here.  The list is arranged by citation usage rather than date order.  According to the Washington Post, Judge Gorsuch’s key decisions are Gutirrez-Brizuela v. Lynch and Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius.

Today, Judge Gorsuch was on Capitol Hill, meeting with senators.  President Trump urged the Senate to quickly confirm Gorsuch, arguing that the Senate should change the rules to approve a Supreme Court nominee by a simple majority if gridlock appears.  Because of Democratic feelings about Gorsuch occupying the “stolen seat” of  President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, the hearings are expected to be contentious.

Updates about the confirmation process will be made.

Update #1

The SCOTUS blog has published, with hyper-links, Judge Gorsuch’s Extra Judicial Writing and Speeches here.    Judge Gorsuch has written extensively against assisted suicide and the Wall Street Journal has an article about his perspective.

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