Articles Worth Reading


For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1. 3 Ways Associates Can Become Rainmakers;
  2. 4 Different Ways of Measuring Library EResource Usage;
  3. ABA’s Rejection of Stricter Bar-Pass Rule Draws Support, Criticism;
  4. Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources;
  5. Advice for Graduate Students on Presentation Skills;
  6. Discovery, Retention, Research:  3 Ways Legal Can Leverage Social Media Content;
  7. DOJ Tells Judge It Doesn’t Object to Injunction Blocking Obama Policy on Transgender Bathrooms;
  8. How Can Knowledge Management Be Better Applied in Academic Libraries?;
  9. How to Ask a Jury for Money;
  10. It’s Not Just Donald Trump Feuding with the Courts.  States Are Doing It, Too;
  11. Lawyers Cannot Stay Silent While Trump Belittles the Courts;
  12. Research Tip:  What Is “Permanent” Online?;
  13. State Bills Would Give Lawmakers the Power to Overrule Court Decisions on Constitutional Issues;
  14. The Internet of Things Means a Big Dilemma for Big Law Discovery;
  15. The Vulnerabilities in the Ninth Circuit’s Executive Order Decision;
  16. Tools You Can Use:  Link Preservation Extensions; and
  17. What’s Next in Hot-Button Travel Ban Litigation?

Happy reading!

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