Citations, Articles, Presentations & Accomplishments


Congratulations to the following faculty and staff for recent citations, articles, presentations and other accomplishments!

Professor Paul Lund’s article, Federally Chartered Corporations and Federal Jurisdiction, 36 Fla. St. U.L. Rev. 317 (2009), was recently cited by Kimberly Strawbridge Robinson and Nicholas Datlowe in, Civil Procedure:  Fannie Mae Foreclosure Suits Staying in State Courts, 85 U.S.L.W. 921 9 (1/19/2017.)

Professor Jonathan A. Marcantel’s article, Abolishing Implied Private Rights of Action Pursuant to Federal Statutes, 39 J. Legis. 258 (2012-2013) was recently cited by the D.C. Circuit in  Johnson v. Interstate Management Co., (D.C. Circ. 2017.)

Professor Kathleen, Katie, Brown’s co-authored article, Teaching Legal Technology, was published in this month’s AALL Spectrum.

Dean Lisa Smith-Butler and Professor Kathleen Brown presented Cost Effective Legal Research Resources at the National Business Institute’s CLE in North Charleston on February 27th.

About Lisa Smith-Butler

Lisa is the Associate Dean for Information Services at the Charleston School of Law, Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library. She teaches Advanced Legal Research & Children & the Law.
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