Articles Worth Reading

articles worth reading

For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1.  5 Times You Need to Bite Your Tongue at Work (If You Care About Your Reputation);
  2.  10 Corporate Law Leaders Crushing it on Twitter;
  3.  A New Way to Get Inside a Juror’s Mind;
  4.  AALS Plenary Address:  Microsoft Brad Smith Looks to the Future of Legal Education;
  5.  An Endangered Art:  Can the Legal Industry Keep Trial Advocacy Alive?;
  6.  Lessons to Be Learned from Clickbait:  #4 Will Blow Your Mind;
  7.  Libraries as Innovation Incubators;
  8.  Microsoft and Google’s Cloud Tools Compete for Attorney Attention;
  9.  More than 150 Law Firm Leaders Urge Govt to Continue Funding of Legal Services;
  10.  Oh Snap!  A New Social Dashboard for Higher Ed;
  11.  Raise the Age:  Shifting to a Safe and More Effective Juvenile Justice System;
  12.  The Legal Marketing Process:  3 Key Phases of Marketing;
  13.  The Problem with Saying “My Door Is Always Open”;
  14.  The Evolving Quest for Student Success;
  15.  This App May Forever Change How You Read Legal Documents;
  16.  To Build Your Personal Brand, You Must First Embrace Discomfort;
  17.   Update on the 6 Key Metrics:  Legal Management Trends Report;
  18.   Use These Great Twitter Tools to Manage Your Feed;
  19.   Using Evernote in Your Law Practice:  Five Ways to Start; and
  20.   What Lawyers Can Learn From a Dollar-Store Model.

Happy reading!

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