Articles Worth Reading


For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1. 2017 Client Advisory by Hildebrandt Consulting;
  2. A Call for Law Schools to Link the Curricular Trends of Legal Tech and Mindfulness;
  3. ABA Needs a New Model Legal Ethics Rule;
  4. Brainstorming:  Go On the Hunt for Ideas Using These Four Methods;
  5. Can Changing How We Measure Lawyer Performance Unlock Diversity?;
  6. Chaos Is King, Until It’s Not:  A Solo’s Guide to Order;
  7. Follow These Three Service Tenets for Satisfied Clients;
  8. Group Floods Fourth Circuit Judges with Pro Travel Ban Emails;
  9. How a Browser Extension Could Shake Up Academic Publishing;
  10. How The Most Successful People Start and End Their Workdays;
  11. How to Design Meetings Your Team Will Want to Attend;
  12. Law Firm Leaders Struggle to See the Market;
  13. Lessons Learned From a Quarter Century in Legal Marketing;
  14. Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field:  Who Are You Writing For?;
  15. The Outer Space Treaty Turns 50.  Can It Survive a New Space Race?;
  16. The Wisdom of Colleagues:  A Plea for Print–KM, Curation, Outreach and ROI Top Process Initiatives in Start Stop Process Survey;
  17. This Is Your Anxious Brain on Meditation;
  18. Three Easy Steps for Online Privacy; and
  19. We Need Librarians Today More Than Ever.

Happy reading!

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