Articles Worth Reading


For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

1. 3 Secrets from Research;

2. ABA President Advocates a $450M Budget for LSC in Letter to Senate;

3. Beyond Broad Strokes:  How CLOC Broke Down the Legal Industry’s Transition;

4. Can You Tweet That?  NY Bar Updates Social Media Guidance;

5. Citepad Legal Keyboard Rolls Out a Windows Version and New Pricing;

6. Clear the Way to Better Writing:  Use a Conference to Cure a Problematic Draft;

7. Cornell Law Library’s LawArXiv Removes Paywall from Scholarship, Goes Open Source;

8. Finding Success from Failure:  The Lessons of Telstra’s Legal Innovation Forum;

9. Forget Torts.  New Nationwide Program Teaches Law Students’ About Personal Finance;

10. How Lawyers Can Use Client Data to Grow Their Practices;

11. Law Student with Felony Record and Skadden Fellowship Denied Character and Fitness Recommendation;

12. Legal Research Is Easy:  I Just Don’t Get It;

13. Renewal and Progress:  Strengthening Higher Education Leadership in a Time of Rapid Change;

14. Research Preferences of Law Students:  Print vs. e-Book;

15. Scaling Up  Ensuring the Integrity of the Digital Scholarly Record;

16.  Scholarly, Meet Practice:  Developing Sustainable Legal Research Skills;

17. The “Business Judgment” Discovery Rule and its Impact on Information Governance;

18. The Care and Feeding of Law Student Research Assistants;

19. The Changing Legal Profession:  An Insider’s View of the Future of Legal Services;

20. Using Unencrypted Email in Client Communications Not Always Enough, Ethics Opinion Indicates;

21. Upsetting the Applecart of Legal Research; and

22.  Why BigLaw Won’t Change Unless Clients Demand It.

Happy reading!

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