Articles Worth Reading


For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1. 3 Ways Attorneys and Law Firms Can Increase Productivity;
  2.  Blocked Trump Twitter Followers Claim First Amendment Violation;
  3.  Critical and Alternative Perspectives on Student Engagement
  4.  Do Police Need Warrant for Cellphone Location Records?  Supreme Court Will  Decide;
  5.  Does First Amendment Protect Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go?  Suit  Raises Issue;
  6.  How Tribes Can Power Your Law Practice;
  7.  If Money Were No Object, Would You Stay in Your Job?;
  8.  Is What We’re Doing Working?  3 Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring ROI;
  9.  Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Reinstate Travel Ban;
  10.  Law Firm Strategy Execs Wield Uneven Clout;
  11.  LexisNexis Legal & Professional Acquires Research Company Ravel Law;
  12.  Prominent Lawyer Is Arraigned on Murder Charges and Accused of Trying to  Influence a Judge;
  13.  SQE Is Exactly What the US Legal Services Sector Badly Needs;
  14.  Teaching Humility in an Age of Arrogance;
  15.  Trump Taps 11 for Federal Bench in Bid to Reshape Courts;
  16.  US Chamber Pushes Rule to Expose Litigation Funding;
  17.  Want to Expand Access to Justice?  Offer Tiered Training and Differing Practice          Licenses, Profs Say;
  18.  What Lawyers Need to Know:  Sales and Marketing Are Not the Same Thing;
  19.  Where Machine Learning and AI Fit into the Legal Research Puzzle; and
  20.  Why Now?  The Rise of Alternative Legal Service Providers.

Happy reading!

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