Articles Worth Reading


For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

1. ABA Supports Cybersecurity Bill;

2. Among the Old New Words;

3. Ask Daliah:  Four Steps to Making Social Media Work for You;

4. Ask a Librarian:  How Do Smaller Libraries Work Together to Get Economies of Scale?

5. Can the Library Contribute Value to the Campus Culture for Learning?;

6. Choose One:  1) Ditzy Board or 2) Angry Bitch;

7. Conquer Keyword Research with These 10 Tools;

8. Cosby Case Ends in Mistrial, DA Plans Retrial This Year;

9. Ebook ROI:  A Longitudinal Study of Patron-Driven Acquisition Models;

10. How Managers Drive Results and Employee Engagement at the Same Time;

11. How to Avoid Asking for Business;

12. Law Schools Must Restructure:  It Won’t Be Easy;

13. Litigation Analytics on Bloomberg Law;

14. Overcoming Our Habits and Learning to Measure Impact;

15. Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Disparaging Trademarks;

16. Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Banning Sex Offenders From Using Social Networking Websites;

17. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Partisan Gerrymandering Is  Constitutional;

18. The New Delivery Paradigm and Tools of the Legal Trade;

19. Top Female IP Litigators Give Tips on Combating Gender Bias;

20. Trump Administration Has Big Thing Against Public Databases;

21. Trump Nominates First Group of U.S. Attorney Replacements:  Some Have BigLaw Connections;

22. What Lawyers Can Learn from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report; and

23. Who Is Rachel Brand?  What to Know About Main Justice’s No. 3

Happy reading!





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