Articles Worth Reading


For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1. 5 Key Takeaways from Senate’s ACA Repeal Bill;
  2. 5 Legal Consequences of Diving “All In” on Social Media;
  3. 8 Skills Every Digital Leader Needs;
  4. Ask the Legal Tech Marketer:  How to Maintain Long-Term Client Satisfaction;
  5. Attorneys on Social Media:  A Snitch State?;
  6. International Tribunals Web Archive Launched;
  7. Critics Pushing Back on 3rd-Party Funding Disclosure Rule;
  8. Five Ways to Leave Your Lawyer at Work
  9. Google’s Top Lawyer Says Digital-Evidence Law Needs “Fundamental Realignment”;
  10. Innovating for Wise Juries:  Juror-Posed Questions;
  11. Good Managers Give Constructive Criticism–But Truly Masterful Leaders Offer Constructive Praise;
  12. Justice Sotomayor on Working a Room and the Post-Scalia Void;
  13. Justices Allow Wisconsin to Combine Land Parcels in Eminent Domain Case;
  14. Lex Machina Marks Timely Addition of Commercial Case Analytics;
  15. Lying to Immigration Officials Doesn’t Necessarily Justify Revoking Citizenship, Supreme Court Rules;
  16. Meaningful Measures:  Assessment;
  17. Modern Oversight of Modern Information Risk;
  18. Partnering for Success:  The Role of the Partnership in Legal Tech;
  19. SCOTUS Narrows Forum-Shopping in Big Pharma Action;
  20. SCOTUS Ruling Instantly Touches Off Mistrial in Missouri Talc Case;
  21. Standard eBooks Is a Gutenberg Project You’ll Actually Use;
  22. The New FRE Rule 902 Should Lead to Litigation Cost Savings, Experts Say;
  23. Tips for Complying with ABA’s New Encryption Guidance;
  24. Ways to Spruce Up Your Client Intake Process; and
  25. Will Technology’s Role in Legal Services Reshape How Law Is Practiced?

Happy reading!

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