Articles Worth Reading


For your information needs and reading pleasure, check out the following articles:

  1. 4 Ways to Collaborate More Effectively Than a Traditional Meeting;
  2. Advice to Hiring Managers:  The Less You Know The Better;
  3. Ashley Madison Class Accord Raises Question:  How Do You Find Claimants Who Don’t Want to Be Found?;
  4. Disney Sued Over Visual Effects on “Beauty and the Beast,” 2 Marvel Blockbusters
  5. F. Lee Bailey:  Where Is He Now?
  6. How the Supreme Court Has Reined in Federal Prosecutors;
  7. Keeping Your Sanity During the Bar Exam;
  8. Legal Technology Has a Home in Law School Education;
  9. Missing Paperwork Could Wipe Out Billions in Private Student Loans;
  10. On Writing:  From King to Garner, the Differences and Similarities Between Strong Legal and Creative Writing;
  11. Seven Ways to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Website;
  12. Social Media Sleuthing of Job Candidates Could Be Risky Business;
  13. The “Keep It Simple, Stupid” Marketing Plan;
  14. The DoNotPay Dilemma:  Can Chatbots Provide Access to Justice Without a Lawyer?
  15. The Law Office Behind the Four Corners of Law;
  16. The Legal Profession’s “Last Mile” Solution;
  17. The New E-Discovery:  Q&A With Cravath’s Head of Data Analytics;
  18. This 150-Lawyer Atlanta Firm Is Now Opening…Everywhere;
  19. This Is How to Write a Follow-Up Email That’s Not Annoying;
  20. This Is Why No One Wants to Represent the Trumps;
  21. Trending:  Ditching Apps for Analog;
  22. What Change Does to Employees; and
  23. What To Do When Your Heart Isn’t In Your Work Anymore.

Happy reading!

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