Resource Spotlight: LexisNexis Courtroom Cast


Authored by Cassandra Patterson, Reference & Outreach Services Librarian

LexisNexis Courtroom Cast is a frequently utilized resource that focuses on legal practice skills. It provides three valuable learning tools: AudioCase Files, Videos, and Courtroom Cast Training.

AudioCaseFiles offers downloadable MP3 files of judicial opinions. Each case includes the full written text of the opinions, along with a fact summary and the rule of law. The cases are organized by subject area and casebook. You can listen to these cases on your computer or any mobile device.

Courtroom Cast Video offers thousands of hours of trials, hearings, and oral arguments. Each video is available to watch directly from computer. You can browse the video collection by cases, jurisdiction, judge, practice area, industry, law firm, attorney, and party.

The Courtroom Cast Training module streams real courtroom video highlights with expert commentary and analysis. It allows you to choose the specific stage of trial or hearing you want to watch. It’s a great resource to utilize when preparing for oral arguments. This module offers three training libraries: Trial Advocacy, Rules of Evidence, and Appellate Advocacy. Here’s a brief description for each.

  • The Trial Advocacy library features video clips of attorneys executing essential litigation skills and techniques. The skills are organized by the stage of the trial, such as openings, and each skill has multiple video clip examples.
  • The Rules of Evidence library contains video clips of attorneys making objections and following the Federal Rules of Evidence. The library is organized by the Federal Rules, so simply choose an Article, select a Rule, and see some of the best attorneys in the nation make their objections and lay foundations.
  • The Appellate Advocacy library features video clips of attorneys arguing each stage of an appellate proceeding before the bench. View real, in-court examples from the nation’s best appellate attorneys, then delve deeper with extensive written commentary to help hone your advocacy skills.

Registration is required to use this resource. You have to use your Charleston School of Law email address, and choose Charleston School of Law from the drop-down menu. You can find a link to this resource on the Library’s database page.

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