Recommended Resources: A Practical Guide to Elder and Special Needs Law in South Carolina

Recommended Resources

–Top Picks of Spring 2018 Advanced Legal Research Students–

Recommended Resources is a recurring blog that features the top picks of print and electronic resources available in the Charleston School of Law Library as selected by the Spring 2018 Advanced Legal Research students.

 Elder Law

Have an Interest or Questions about Elder and Special Needs Law in South Carolina?

A Practical Guide to Elder and Special Needs Law in South Carolina, published by the South Carolina Bar is a great resource to start with in this growing area of law. The principal author and editor is Francelle C. Millender, Esq. who is a certified specialist in this area of law and practices in SC.

What is Elder Law?

Elder and Special Needs law is the specialized area that involves representing, counseling, and assisting seniors and people with disabilities, along with their families, in areas of estate planning and long-term care, while creating the highest quality of life for the parties involved.

This guide is a useful tool because this guide has an overview of all the major areas that seniors, people with disabilities, and their families need to know, while guiding the attorney through the steps to meet the needs of the client.

For the practicing attorney, it is important to know that the fastest growing population in the US is people aged 65 and older. This secondary source has the primary sources by way of SC statutes that give a reference to possible legal issues the attorney may encounter. This guide also has forms that can be useful to assist in drafting documents for your client. There are also helpful tips on how to grow your practice in this area while being mindful to be compliant with the Rules of Professional Conduct. If as a practicing attorney, if there is a need for another reason to add this print resource, there are several great references to web sites for many of the government benefits and programs that may be available to the client.

In truth, this resource will sell itself if the reader takes the time to view all of the helpful tips and tools provided in one place for the many areas of law that comprise Elder and Special Needs Law in South Carolina.

A Practical Guide to Elder and Special Needs Law in South Carolina is available in our library both in print and electronically on Lexis.

By Julius J. Gailliard

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