Recommended Resources: Dealing With A Rambo Litigator in Divorce

Recommended Resources

–Top Picks of Advanced Legal Research Students–

Recommended Resources is a recurring blog that features the top picks of print and electronic resources available in the Charleston School of Law Library as selected by the Spring 2018 Advanced Legal Research students.


How to Combat Rambo Litigators Without Compromising Ethics: See Dealing With A Rambo Litigator in Divorce

In every practice area, there will be that “very aggressive” lawyer who will be encountered. Dealing With A Rambo Litigator in Divorce is the perfect guide detailing how to deal with “those” types of attorneys in divorce proceedings. This source was written by Natalie Bluestein and was published by the National Business Institute. This source may easily be found in the South Carolina section of the Charleston School of Law library.

Dealing With A Rambo Litigator in Divorce sets out the types of tactics these litigators will use in an attempt to win their case. This source details the mindset of the litigator and the tactics these lawyers will be likely to use.

While it may seem like this is a “how to guide” on becoming a Rambo yourself, it also lays out how to combat these tactics ethically and quickly. The source lays out specific tricks that need to be looked out for, practical tactics for dealing with the litigator, and procedural remedies. It also emphasizes how being a Rambo litigator can be detrimental to your client.

This source has two important features:

First, it sets out specific instances that will likely occur with Rambo litigators and details how to respond. Specifically, it explains how to respond to the Rambo’s likely burdensome discovery, and even how to schedule with them so that they do not always call the shots.

Second, it gives South Carolina rules of procedure to help with dealing with the Rambo. This source gives specific rules to follow so that the Rambo’s tactics are not successful, and you do not face any ethical problems.

Even if you do not encounter a Rambo litigator in the family courts, this source can be a helpful guide to tame any Rambo litigator.

By English Maull

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